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a small selection Of our Testimonials

Hello Bill.
Just a line to let you know I received my lift this morning.
Assembled it, and have been working on the car all day,oil and filters,brake pad check etc. This lift is amazing, sorry I did not get one years ago!. Thank you for a pleasent buying experience, rapid shipping, and great communication.I have no hesitation in recommending you to other potential buyers. Feel free to refer to me anyone in my area who would like to see the lift working.
Kind Regards,

Evening Bill,

Well ... what can I say! Lift just arrived just as promised. Took 10 minutes to set up and 5 mins to put my grandsons Clio on to change the exhaust. I did not realise that I would be able to remove the whole exhaust in one piece, especially the box, which was a bonus, and total job done in half an hour. Excellent accessibility underneath much better that I thought it would be. My knees are feeling better already!!! What a cracking piece of kit! I now have more best friends than ever before !!



Hello Bill.
Just dropping you a line to say how pleased I am with the lift. I?ve had a few cars on it, a Peugeot, and an Audi, but nothing bigger yet, and it has lifted each with no worries whatsoever. Even better, I?ve been really pleased with the stability of the lift, and the ease of access underneath it. It's dead easy to use, and actually better than it sounds in the ad.
Please feel free to use my recommendation in any ad for the future, and I would be more than happy to pass on my thoughts to any potential customers.
Thank you for a great product, and the courtesy you showed us when we came to pick the lift up.

Best Regards

Hello Bill
I have been away in the US for a month so unable to progress the ramp project
I was very impressed at how easily and quickly the ramp operates and the reassuring safety ratchet. All, as you advertise, “tested and ready to go”.
I'm attaching some photographs FYI, although the underside of the TVR looks decidedly sad against the new ramp! Thanks for your help and please call on me for a reference at any time.

Just to say thank you for the prompt delivery, the ramp is as described by you and works a treat hope to have many hours under it.
Many Thanks
Paul Enfield

Hello Bill,
I have to say, it's a great tool and saves my knees. I can sit under the car and get to the bits I want with relative ease. I've replaced rear suspension parts and brakes, serviced steering, rear differential, gear box as well as oil and filter changes with much more ease and speed than I would have, crawling about with a trolley jack and axle stands. I've also used it to service my wife's Renault Clio as well as having my 4x4 on it too. As no doubt you can tell, I'm very pleased with it.
The photo's attached may be a bit dark. If you need some with a bit more light I'll have another go.
Kind Regards,

Hi Bill,

I have attached some photo's for you of my Mini on it.
Its been great working with you bill and will defiantly be
recommending you when ever i can. If your ever this way come see the ramp being used


Hi Bill,

First thought when putting a car on for the first time,

“Now that was easy!”

My first thoughts as requested.
This midi lift is almost ideal in that it will lift 6000 lbs in 30 seconds, can be driven over and left in place, will fit inside most garages along with the car, permits access to most areas and requires minimal positioning to set up. It is very heavy compared with cheaper means of lifting but it does lift the whole car not just an end, it is also stable as a result which can be quite reassuring when you are under it.

For the price, it is well made, durable, fast, safe and performs consistently well, definitely worth the investment and if you are going to get one, then BH Repairs is the only place to go, check out the pricing, delivery, support and care against others and you will see why.


Hello Bill
Just to let you know I'm really pleased with the lift. Got it installed in the garage and it works a treat. Both my son and my neighbour are very impressed with it so I can see it being well used! Great value for money.

Hi Bill,
Sorry for the late reply, lift came Wednesday @11am, all perfect very happy with the lift.
it was like Christmas day here. thanks for the service.


Hello Bill,

Lift delivered safely and on time. Easy to assemble and working well. Im happy if you want to let prospective purchasers come to see it in use.
Regards Martin Dodge, Ayrshire Mini & Metro Centre.

Hi Bill
Just to let you know I'm really pleased with the scissor lift, wish I'd got one years ago! No more sore knees and backache! It's a great piece of kit at a very reasonable price. I'm attaching a photo of my son's Datsun Violet on the lift which needed a bit of work doing to it before it's MOT. The
lift certainly made the job a lot easier! Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.


Hi Bill,

The lift arrived safely at lunchtime on Friday. Set up and tested over the weekend, all OK

Excellent piece of kit and excellent service.

Many thanks,
Dave Goodman.

Hi Bill,

I received my scissor lift at about 6pm today. Nice and easy to set up and Wow this seems to be the Father of all gadgets. I've not tried a car on it yet, but it looks extremely well made and strong enough to pick up anything apart from David Camerons wage packet.
Its so nice to deal with a genuine person like yourself,

Thanks, Roy.